Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii) (gamerip) (2007)

hey, I'm pretty sure the game contains about 85 songs, and there are only 8!? It's pretty disappointing, if you ask me...There aren't evencharacters theme songs, such as sanaki's or elincia's or prince pelleas......
fire emblem is one of the best videogames ever.
i liked the ost,the character design ,and above all ike is in the super smash series .hope for the rest of the songs
It is a great list of music, but the best song is missing. If With Us the recrutment theme was addad then that would deserve a perfect score.
This album has the same problem as it's predecessor, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: only a small percentage, perhaps about 10% give or take, of the actual soundtrack is here. I was hoping that I might find some more variety on this track. Hopefully more songs from the game will be uploaded in the near future. (*coughSkrimir's Pridecough*) Excuse me.
Awesome that you guys have these songs at high quality, but I really would like to see the rest, namely Dawn Brigade and On Glory's Wings. :D This game has great music.
Dang no "the devoted" or "menacing stalker"... guess i have to keep looking... T_T but i do love "proud flight" and these are good quality :)
This is just awesome, but where's Zealot's Prayer and others? I think all the songs together would make it better, but this is good so far! (Even though there's only 8 of them out of 85...) *sighs* Oh, well. You can't ask for everything sometimes, right? I'll be looking forward to seeing the other 77 songs appearing here, hopefully... :D This game's OST RULES! I dare anyone to diss it, or else they'll be gettin' a knuck sandwhich or worse the death glare from fans... You know who you are! Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do! :)
okay so you have 8 songs out of the total 85. And also each of the 8 songs you have are not the full song. would be great if you could get the rest and fix the existing ones
There are a few good songs here (hence the 1 and not a 0 [though i dont think u can have a 0]) and I enjoyed some of them, but just adding on darkiway's words, "There aren't evencharacters theme songs, such as sanaki's or elincia's or prince pelleas......" you also left of Skirmir's theme (I have not myself completed fire emblem radiant dawn yet but ive seen my brother play and I heard the theme even if he wasnt there. If you need an example, the laguz meating in path of radince or anyother tim (almost) where you meet the beast king.
I really don't mind the small number of songs here, because the ones here are really nice songs anyway. I really like "Dark Traveler." It makes me feel like I can get through my day, and it makes me feel adventurous.
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is one of my all time favorites, however like a previous post pointed out it has 85 songs. You don't even have Ike's Theme or the themes for the Black Knight. Please remedy this situation, I hate giving low reviews to games I love.
There are very few of the songs from the game here, and the ones that are here seem cut off at the end. I hope that whoever put this up will add the rest of them and fix the ones that are already here...