Dungeon Explorer II (TurboGrafx-16) (gamerip) (1993)

High quality early CD audio, with a lot of conversations of the original Turbografx synth tracks from the original Dungeon Explorers. The mood is quite different from that first game, but the CD Audio stands fairly well and are full of rocking guitar. There's an occasional native synth song that isn't good. The voice acting is a bit cheesy. Check out the Count and his Melody [24], where the count plays a melody for you, and it's pretty awful. Anyway, discounting voice acting, 9.25/10.

Personal Favorites: Town [7], Mild Danger [8], Dungeon [9], Undersea Cave [15], Dark Maze [19], Tree of Life [29], Gayan Pyramid [31], Ancient Ruins of Hyvoris [32], Ancient Ruins of Hyvoris 2 [33], Karn's Cave [36], Cave to Castle Strom [40], Phades' Last Stand [49]