Dragon Slayer - The Legend of Heroes II (FM Towns) (gamerip) (1993)

Like any other Nihon Falcom album, this is defined by high quality. The instrumentation is perfect, all the tracks are of high quality, with the occasional exceptional song. I will say, this album begins off a bit slower than Dragon Slayer I (a lot of the early tracks are soft or somber and a bit slow). However, after that initial hump the album really starts to shine. Aside from this, this album does also feature a high number of terror tracks (Inside the Cave, Underground Castle, Resistance Hunting, Battle with the Emperor). Overall, 9.13/10.

In my opinion,
Great: Rushing (2), Utility
Also Notably Good:
Opening, Stopper, Underground Cave, Underground Town, Underground Ruined Town, Meeting, Sortie, Throne Room, Battle with the Emperor, Ending