Dragon Half (FM Towns) (gamerip) (1994)

This is a lovely album, full of charm and overall quite silly and tongue-and-cheek. In my opinion, it's one of the more memorable albums of the old Japanese PC systems and has a notably distinct sound that only otherwise appears in Fray, which was also produced by Micro Cabin. While there are three different versions on this site for the PC-98, FM Towns, and the PC Engine, these are all practically identical. I'd highly suggest giving this album a listen, it's a fun all the way through, albeit some of the middle tracks do drag on a bit and are more generic. But, the strength of the other tracks more than make up for that. Overall, 9.67/10.

This is one of those album where there's an insane number of good tracks. If I had to choose, though...
Great Tracks: Come On! Come On!, Writhing in Agony..., Crossing The Pure Shopping Street, Shouts! The Storyteller is Shouting!!, What's 'nnn~, n, n~n, nnn~', The Strange-Step All Night, Poisoned Chapter Dungeon Scene, Inn