Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Re-Engineered Soundtrack) (2006)

While I personally believe BT3 is better than BT2 I still think that the soundtrack of BT2 is better. It's got alot more energy and emotion put into it's music and I think alot of the songs fit perfectly with the scenes their put with. My 5 Favorite Tracks are:

1. Dark Half
2. Lost Courage
3. Gatebreaker
4. Mind Space
5. Lonesome Wild


i like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the original arcade video game music album soundtrack of: banpresto's dragon ball z (arcade video game music album soundtrack).


Woah! How'd you get it to sound uncompressed?
Almost all tracks were actually taken from different games that re-used BT2 music such as Raging Blast 2. While the PS2 game only had low quality 24khz ADX files, Raging Blast had 48khz ADX files which sound way better and less compressed. Same goes for my BT3 release.