Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Original Soundtrack (1996)

This is not quite complete. There was one song that I was looking for that wasn't here: the music for the levels with waterfalls. That's one of the best songs in the game!
donkey kong country 3 should get a 10 point;) this game is excellent and the music too!:D i just really love this game :D old memories comes back:D
So I wasn't the only one to notice the missing waterfall level song.
I added a thread in the soundtrack request forum about any missing pieces from this album. Who knows when that will be fulfilled.
I agree with both Guest and erl15. Excellent game, excellent song, 10/10 by me. Nostalgia, nostalgia.
all the donkey kong super nes games have the best soundtrack! love the music... soo relaxing. best music for an old game!

all of them too, donkey kong country 1, 2, 3 = BEST!

i have the waterfall song too! =)
Not so good... There's only a few tracks I like... Hot Pursuit, Water World, Crazy Calypso, hey the sountrack isn't bad! But isn't one of my faves... I prefer DKC2 soundtrack. Still, it holds a place in my heart.
I am looking for the sound effect for killing one of the gator monsters, that "awe!" when you jump on their heads. Is that on here?
Well, I give this album a rating of 10, because the OST is so DAMN great! However, for the game itself, I give a rating of 9, because it was released after the Nintendo 64, giving it a disvantage.
I love all of the DKC games' soundtracks! This one, despite what some people say, is very good, and even though it isn't my favourite of the series, I still love it. The Waterfall theme is missing, which is one of my personal favourites, but there are still some fantastic tracks present! Some of my favourites (in no particular order) include Rocket Run, Stilt Village, Jungle Jitter, Crazy Calypso, Sub-Map Shuffle, Jangle Bells, Frosty Frolics, Enchanted Riverbank, Water World, Rockface Rumble, Cavern Caprice, Mama Bird, Chase, and Baddies on Parade.
I guess that's like... two thirds of the soundtrack. Yeah... it's good.