Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest The Original Donkey Kong Country2 Soundtrack (1995)

Excellent Music, on of the best Soundtrack on the world of game. You can imagine an Orchestra while you're hearing the album.
Still, undersea and the mine sound tracks are missing :(, they were one of the best sound tracks ever.. How bad =_=
I'm been looking for this for ages. It's been a very long time since I've played. I think that I might have to go dig out my game and do just that.

Thank you so very much.
The DKC series is one amazing series which I own and love to death.

The only problem I have with this collection is that the music from the Mine stages isn't here. That was one of my favorite songs in the game. Other than that, very awesomeage!!!
Awsome soundtrack...but I think it's missing a song..(Kannon's Klaim)...or is the song I'm looking for under another name...? Anyway, thank you for uploading ^^ /)

so freakin awesome, best soundtrack to a game or real album i've ever heard except this list seems to be missing kannon's klaim one of my faves
Awesome! Been searching everywhere for this! But there's one problem, and that is that Kannon's Klaim is missing. You gotta upload it!
There seem to be a few songs missing, like Ghostly Grove (or they're named differently). Other than that, it is a great album, for an even better game.
the underwater song is here btw guys lol "lockjaws saga". These dudes like to encode the songs so only the ppl that REALLY know the game will understand these tricky but appropriate names. Good soundtrack, freakin awesome game (K ROOL with a gun = kick holy cow) lol.
Best DKC game out of the 3 with also the best soundtrack. Simply epic songs!

Best songs: Lockjaw's saga, Snakey chantey, Forest interlude, Flight of the zinger, Hot-head bop, Disco train, Lost world, Boss Bossanova, Crocodile cacophony and of course Stickerbush symphony.

Best song: Mining melancholy (It's missing though =C)

I give this soundtrack a 9 because its missing the MINE SONG, one of the better tracks in the game. The game was awesome and so was the music for it. Without that song, it can't make a perfect 10
It's missing the mine one, like said before. But I'm just glad I found a website with these tracks!


P.S. If this is supposed to be 100 words, why isn't everyone else's?
I mean come on, what's the point, without it?
Sigh. The other tracks are great, but it really needs that one to be complete..