Donkey Kong 64 - Game Music (N64) (gamerip) (1999)

The clips are nice and won't sound too much off the original if you haven't listened to the songs a lot. But it does seem that most of the tracks are pitched down ever so slightly and are a tad bit slower. Not sure if this applies to all of them but you can definitely tell on K.Rool Duel and Angry Aztec Boss.
Ah, the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack... Another masterpiece by Grant. Definitely the most underrated game and soundtrack of the original four DKC titles.
Favori te peice is Gloomy Galleon. The melody is very nice.
This is all jus MEMORIES to me all soundtrack where amazing i used them all in a video of mine Grant kirkhope keep it up you've made my Day. with these themes are"Awsome" thanks for all the theme you've put out there pls put more.
People might think I'm a weirdo for having these songs downloaded on my phone, but it's total worth listening to them after all these years