Dengeki Nurse (FM Towns) (gamerip) (1992)

So, the game series Dengeki Nurse was released "for all ages" in Japan originally. Apparently, while the development team was infamous for creating mature games, they explicitly tried to make something with a broader age reach with this series (per Japanese Wikipedia and some other sites I ran across). More recently, the game has been given a higher content-warning rating on the official website (and hence touted around that way on English-speaking websites). However, from what I've seen the game's content is fairly bog standard for what was acceptable in other Japanese PC games aimed for the general public in the late 80s/early 90s, such as Princess Maker 2, Yami no Ketsuzoku, Jewel Hunter Lime, etc. Anyway, generally, I skip the soundtracks for "adult" games. However, from everything I've read, this specific series doesn't actually fall under that umbrella.

There are two renditions of this soundtrack: The FM Towns and the PC-98, the latter which has two good extra tracks (but is missing the sounds at the end). What stands out in the FM Towns version is a dominant beach-guitar sound, which may be partially inspired by the hit single Wipe Out by The Surfaris. A couple albums have a vaguely similar opening drum sequence (Pipe Liner 119, Win, Eyecatch), with Dengekki Nurse S.O.S! at 0:05 sounding like Wipe Out's opening guitar riff. Perhaps I am imagining things, but the feeling is there and the guitar gives this whole album a distinct flavor that I've not encountered in other early synth. The weakness of this album, though, is that this can be somewhat droning and slow at times, as the warm guitar tends to mellow out the tracks, with some of the earlier tracks being a bit weaker (Theme of Black Cross, for instance). Overall though, everything sounds pretty good and this is a good album to zone out and work to. Nothing particularly kills it, but a lot of good is here. 8.5/10.

Overall quality is high, so a lot of recommendations. But in my opinion:
Best Tracks: Dengekki Nurse S.O.S!, Nurse Cap in the Blue, Midsummer Boogie-Woogie Operation
Also Good:
Drug-On Q, Black Angels, Love Hospitality, Driving Ambulance, False