Custom Robo Battle Revolution (GC) (gamerip) (2004)

Thank you so much for this! I would really like to see the n64 version of this series. Other than that, this soundtrack is amazing!
This is a magnificent Soundtrack, Being a great Soundtrack to listen to whether or not you have played the game it comes from due to it's sheer quality in all aspects, having Music Fitting for Emotional moments, Epic Moments or Just a Walk in the street. Highly Recommended!
The Gamecube Custom Robo soundtrack was fantastic. The scifi atmosphere is light and casual. My favorite's the lovelab set and Bogey's.
One of my favorite games as a kid, and such a kick*** soundtrack. It's a shame this game didn't get the best press, it's about time we have another Custom Robo in the US. Still, I'm thankful that they ported THIS. Long live Robo !!
“Promise” by far the best song in the game, this game was wonderful. Nothing but nostalgia i hope everyone thats ever enjoyed it has a good life 🤙