Cuarto (X68000) (gamerip) (1991)

Cuarto means "four" in Spanish and so that's what I'm giving this album. 4/10.

But seriously, this album is an unexpected gem. The main issue with it is that the instrumentation is quite basic and sometimes a little harsh on the ears. However, the arrangements are amazing and the beats are just dang awesome. Take Track 0A- it sounds horrible. Your ears will bleed. But dang, those beats. But, not all the tracks penalize your ears. There's a lot of good ones if you can get past the simple instruments. Track 0B is great and does not suffer the instrument problems. Track 7 starts out mediocre and then really kills it at the 45 second mark. Tracks 1, 2, 6, 9, 0F are also good. In total, I give this album a 4/10 * 2.1875 = 8.75/10.