Chelnov: Atomic Runner (X68000) (gamerip) (1993)

Oooh... this is a hard one to judge. So, the beats in this are just straight fire at times. See Death Lock, for instance. The composers were obviously very skilled. But, the problem is just these tracks are poorly optimized for the X68000, resulting in many instruments frequently sounding harsh and just bad as they rattle off these impressive tunes. It's like scoring Beethoven with using a nail on a chalkboard. Honestly, I'm torn. There is an arcade version that has much better instrumentation (Although, Death Lock might sound better still on the X68000, but it's an exception). Hence, I'll be generous and give the X68000 version a 6.75/10, realizing some tracks are just miserable, but the Arcade one gets an 8.5. Go listen to that one instead.