Excellent composure. Well combined in the game. Has a lot of psyhodelic melodies that are well stashed and combined in drum n bass ambiental backgrounds.
One of the best video game soundtracks ever.
Well, for one thing, I love electro, but I love how Amon Tobin uses sounds that sound like they are coming out of a tape player. Play the song El Cargo and Kokubo Sosho Stealth and you will know what I mean.

Plus all the music blends well with the game. It forms perfect harmony with your surroundings and makes you get into the game that much more.
All these songs are amazing, I played this game in 2007 and I have never been able to forget the tracks they are Extremely attractive for a gamer specially EL CARGO-Ruthless Reprise-Displac ed and the most one------------ -Kokubo Sosho Stealth, For me it's the best Infiltration game ever made