Call of Duty: Black Ops II Soundtrack (2012)

I just love music like this. I haven't played the game, but stumbled on the music in Spotify. I like how the composer weaves in elements of Mexican and middle-eastern and African music almost with ease!
Thank you... Two songs are missing. They are :
1)Symphony No. 40 in Gminor, Mozart K550 (Allegro Molto)
2)Shado ws (Outer Club Solar)
Thanks, man--Menendez is the creepiest, most chilling villain yet... (I haven't played BO3, and I've been afraid to play AW) I can't wait to go for a drive sometime and blast these tunes.

Hails to the other fans of the music.

I can't find the spawn themes. Please add them, I can't find another website that has the Seals spawn theme without getting a phooey ton of viruses.
Its awesome, i played Black Ops 2 on xbox 360, and did a story I like, with all camos and weapons unlocked. I loved the game SO much, and its still good today. Thank you.
Where's "Imma Try It Out" by Skrillex and "Carry On" by Avenged Sevenfold?

Otherwise, this is pretty nice work; well done~