Burn My Dread –Reincarnation: PERSONA3– (2007)

One of the best game OSTs ever, even though it is a remix and not actually found in Persona3. What this OST is is a remix and extention of a few select bgm from persona3 and it just adds THAT much more to it. as with persona3, the music ranges from lounge-type music with heavy bass and a mellow feel to faster tempo songs that are ideal listening even outside of the game. There's almost not a single song on this OST i do not recommend.
No game has ever had the emotional impact of Persona 3 and a large part of this game's brilliance is its unparalleled music. The reincarnation versions of the songs from the OST are phenomenal, especially Burn My Dread -Last Battle- and Memories of You ~Orchestra ver.~ Even though Burn My Dread (not the last battle version) is completely unchanged, it is just as good as ever. Honestly, just listen to these songs already.
What can I say about persona and shin megami tensei series as well? Hmmm..... They have completely absorbed my mind and soul into them and made me relieve all that is happening in these games. Hard to say, for me, that this is actually a game. I just can't admit that. Everything feels so vivid, so alive, you feel every emotion the characters feel and every sadness and despair as well. Even though I find persona 3 a bit too sa, it's still my favourite game and will always be. Nothing in this game disappoints (aside from some minor things which really do not spoil anything), music is gorgeous, plot is gigantic and developing S.Links is actually really fun:) If by any chance you've never played Persona, play it - you won't regret it, that I assure you:)
Persona 3 might be one of the best game I ever played, and I'm pretty certain its music might be among the best ever composed. This remix just turn awesomness into EVEN MORE AWESOMNESS ! It brings back all the moments that made the game so memorable, and I feel the game would be only half of what it is today without those musics and songs.
Eh, I think I can just say without lying that this is a masterpiece.