Build-A-Bear Workshop (DS) (gamerip) (2007)

Thank you! This is one of the video game soundtracks I requested!
Here's a list of the music track names (Mostly for the ones whose names differ from their in-game names and internal filenames):
  • Musical Chairs - Chairs
  • Musical Chairs (Soft) - Chairs Soft
  • Photo Studio - Studiophoto
  • Workshop Minigame Theme - Workshop Alt
  • Main Theme - Workshop Main
  • Honey Minigame - Honey
Don't know what "BBR1" means as I went off by the names from the tracks uploaded on Youtube, too bad there isn't a longplay of this game so I can see what that track's name is and if it's used in-game at all.
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Your welcome BBR1 could just mean something internal within the Games files or something I did some digging but couldn't find anything That could had anything to do with that name!