BloodNet (Amiga) (gamerip) (1995)

In general, I try to grade albums fairly generously because they are generally pleasing to listen to and many of the composer are still alive and I don't want to ruin their day by giving a mediocre album a low score when it was actually decent enough. This album, however, is quite frustrating. Nothing is outright painful but the thing strikes one as of beta-elements that never should have been published in a finished product. The instruments are basic and the arrangements are often clumsy (especially In-Game Music #1). Many of the tracks go for a minimalistic vibe but fail to pull it off, sounding just unfinished instead. In-Game Music #3 is especially guilty of this: There's also a weird awkward pause at the end of each section that goes on for too long. Silence can be used effectively in a song (see "Sneak In" Mid-Garts for the X68000, where it's used a bit more effectively, for instance. But even there, the silence only exists because an instrument in the PC-88's noise channel was cut for the X68000's synth) but it is not here. Aside from that- something that I've never seen before in the 500 albums of old synth that I've listened to so far- is that in the track Cyberspace, both the introduction and refrain use the same basic tune for the primary instrument. However, they vary this by slightly increasing the volume for the refrain. It's a bit comical. The only decent track is Character Generation. Anyway, I don't like to be negative, but I can't give this a decent rating given the overall quality of most other music at the time. 4/10.