Here are the track names in English:

1. Lost Box [i.e. Black Box]
2. Blaster Master Zero 3
3. Blast Escape
4. Planet of Wisdom
5. Shake
6. Planetary Frenzy
7. Rumbling
8. The Guardian of Planet Sophia
9. GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle
10. Reversed Revolving Stars
11. Chaos Drive
12. Super Dimensional Challenge
13. Lightning Transformer Station
14. Satellite Road
15. Planetoid-Stardust
16. Netriptrap Deluxe
17. Trip Planet Supernatural [Pretty sure it means "trip" as in trippy/psychedelic]
18. Flowerrrr...
19. Deep Truth
20. Planade-G Timidrow -Battle to Protect Eve-
21. Eve's Answer
22. Distortion of the Mind
23. Jason's Choice
24. Anderez Horizont [i.e. Another Horizon]
25. Rival Encounter
26. Lucia NORA-2057
27. Leibniz Rising
28. Overwhelming Human Machine
29. SOPHIA-J1 VS Metal Attacker
30. Cradle of Hope
31. GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle (Another Intro Version)
32. GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle (1st PV Version)
33. White Silver Promise (8bit Version)
34. Mission Clear (8bit Version)
35. Hill Under the Disaster (8bit Version)
36. Moment of Achievement (8bit Version)
37. Stranga Bringing Up Kanna!
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Here is a script to update all the files to the english names.
I ran this on mac, and it depends on the eye-d3 package in brew
Basically just save this script as a file in the same directory such as

brew install eye-d3

And here's the script


# List of original filenames
"01 ロストボックス.mp3"
"02 ブラスターマスターゼロ3.mp3"
"03 ブラストエスケープ.mp3"
"04 叡智の惑星.mp3"
"05 震撼.mp3"
"06 惑星狂乱.mp3"
"07 鳴動.mp3"
"08 惑星ソフィアの守護者.mp3"
"09 ガイア-ソフィアスプリームビークル.mp3"
"10 表裏転星.mp3"
"11 カオスドライブ.mp3"
"12 超次元の挑戦.mp3"
"13 電光のトランスステーション.mp3"
"14 サテライトロード.mp3"
"15 プラネトイド- スターダスト.mp3"
"16 ネットリプトラップ・デラックス.mp3"
"17 トリッププラネット・スーパーナチュラル.mp3"
"18 フラワァァァ….mp3"
"19 深層と真相.mp3"
"20 プラネイド-G ティミドロー -イヴを護るための戦い-.mp3"
"21 イヴの答え.mp3"
"22 心のひずみ.mp3"
"23 ジェイソンの選択.mp3"
"24 アンデレスホリゾント.mp3"
"25 群雄邂逅.mp3"
"26 ルシアNORA-2057.mp3"
"27 ライプニッツライジング.mp3"
"28 人機圧倒.mp3"
"29 ソフィア-J1 VS メタル・アタッカー.mp3"
"30 希望の揺籠.mp3"
"31 ガイア-ソフィアスプリームビークル (Another Intro Version).mp3"
"32 ガイア-ソフィアスプリームビークル (1st PV Version).mp3"
"33 白銀の約束 (8bit Version).mp3"
"34 ミッションクリア (8bit Version).mp3"
"35 災下の丘 (8bit Version).mp3"
"36 達成の瞬間 (8bit Version).mp3"
"37 カンナをそだてまストランガ!.mp3"

# List of new English filenames
"1. Lost Box [i.e. Black Box].mp3"
"2. Blaster Master Zero 3.mp3"
"3. Blast Escape.mp3"
"4. Planet of Wisdom.mp3"
"5. Shake.mp3"
"6. Planetary Frenzy.mp3"
"7. Rumbling.mp3"
"8. The Guardian of Planet Sophia.mp3"
"9. GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle.mp3"
"10. Reversed Revolving Stars.mp3"
"11. Chaos Drive.mp3"
"12. Super Dimensional Challenge.mp3"
"13. Lightning Transformer Station.mp3"
"14. Satellite Road.mp3"
"15. Planetoid-Stardust.mp3"
"16. Netriptrap Deluxe.mp3"
"17. Trip Planet Supernatural.mp3"
"18. Flowerrrr...mp3"
"19. Deep Truth.mp3"
"20. Planade-G Timidrow -Battle to Protect Eve-.mp3"
"21. Eve's Answer.mp3"
"22. Distortion of the Mind.mp3"
"23. Jason's Choice.mp3"
"24. Anderez Horizont [i.e. Another Horizon].mp3"
"25. Rival Encounter.mp3"
"26. Lucia NORA-2057.mp3"
"27. Leibniz Rising.mp3"
"28. Overwhelming Human Machine.mp3"
"29. SOPHIA-J1 VS Metal Attacker.mp3"
"30. Cradle of Hope.mp3"
"31. GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle (Another Intro Version).mp3"
"32. GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle (1st PV Version).mp3"
"33. White Silver Promise (8bit Version).mp3"
"34. Mission Clear (8bit Version).mp3"
"35. Hill Under the Disaster (8bit Version).mp3"
"36. Moment of Achievement (8bit Version).mp3"
"37. Stranga Bringing Up Kanna!.mp3"

# List of new English titles for ID3 tags (without file extensions)
"Lost Box [i.e. Black Box]"
"Blaster Master Zero 3"
"Blast Escape"
"Planet of Wisdom"
"Planetary Frenzy"
"The Guardian of Planet Sophia"
"GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle"
"Reversed Revolving Stars"
"Chaos Drive"
"Super Dimensional Challenge"
"Lightning Transformer Station"
"Satellite Road"
"Netriptrap Deluxe"
"Trip Planet Supernatural"
"Deep Truth"
"Planade-G Timidrow -Battle to Protect Eve-"
"Eve's Answer"
"Distortion of the Mind"
"Jason's Choice"
"Anderez Horizont [i.e. Another Horizon]"
"Rival Encounter"
"Lucia NORA-2057"
"Leibniz Rising"
"Overwhelming Human Machine"
"SOPHIA-J1 VS Metal Attacker"
"Cradle of Hope"
"GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle (Another Intro Version)"
"GAIA-SOPHIA Supreme Vehicle (1st PV Version)"
"White Silver Promise (8bit Version)"
"Mission Clear (8bit Version)"
"Hill Under the Disaster (8bit Version)"
"Moment of Achievement (8bit Version)"
"Stranga Bringing Up Kanna!"

# Iterate through the array and rename files and update ID3 tags
for i in "${!original_names[@]}"; do

  echo "Renaming $original to $new and updating ID3 tags..."
  mv "$original" "$new"
  eyed3 --title="$title" "$new"

echo "All files renamed and ID3 tags updated!"