Bahamut Senki (Genesis) (gamerip) (1991)

This is one of the best classic SLG turn base game from SEGA over NES era but sadly the globe didn't see it's flight and it remain as Japan version...

T he tracks are very good considered it's age. Very Mythy Darkage era....

Hope you guys who are old enough to appreciate classic games to get yourself on a rom of this game and give it a go. Only that you need to explore various options in setting to get what you preferred.

For Beginner, Dragon race/ Barbarians would be a easy start. You can go Demon race if you prefer OP. Sorceress is very fun if you like to use various magic and summons.. Knights are fairly enjoying but not easy and Elf is fairly hard... Try out undead if you are experienced enough. No one pick the Giants because no one pick the Giants lol... IMAO.