Atlantis: The Lost Tales (1997)

some tracks are just unbelievably excellent (for instance sunriders, am ma eya, dark spirits) - and having context of playing the game makes the OST one of the finest ones...
Awesome and magic soundtrack. It's perfect for the game, its perfect to dream. I desire to be in other place and other time when i hear this music...

Thanks for upload it.

The compositor is Pièrre Esteve.
I remember when I was very young, and i was playing Atlantis. This is one of best games EVER! Excelent music, epic history... I will never forget this beautiful game. It is... so beautiful!
Really cool OST, thanks. Just one sad point to note, it has REPLAYGAIN, this really destroys the audio on Sunriders amongst others (the sound just ends up sounding fuzzy and distorted), REPLAYGAIN should never ever be used on ANY track, its just a very, very poor workaround for not having a pre-amp and amp linked to your PC.
Muchas gracias por este soundtrack. El mejor videojuego que jugue jamaas, la musica excelente te transporta a otro mundo. Diez puntos mas no se puede pedir, hermosa y hermoso el juego. Gracias
Picked this randomly and I have to say it's been delight! Amazing atmosphere and very mystical tunes. I even tried to meditate to it. Going to use it in the future :)