Ambermoon (Amiga) (gamerip) (1993)

This is the kind of album I hate to rate. Obviously, a lot of passion and energy went into creating an hour of music for this. However, it's just quite unrefined and the composer was clearly learning as the album went on. That being said, the instrumentation is just rough at point and there's this electric guitar instrument that is often used that just sounds sour and ruins otherwise decent tracks. Capital for instances, starts out well enough, but then has that sour guitar enter at 1:04. The guitar murders Compact Disc as well at 1:01. There are other peccadillos throughout the album that I could mention, but it overall is just a bit basic and feels like a bit of a practice album. I'd given it a 6.25/10.

In my opinion, I wouldn't come back to anything really in this album, but...
The Better Tracks of the Bunch: Don't Look Bach, Rough Waterfront Tavern, The Aum Remains the Same, Plodding Along, Bar Brawlin', Dragon Chase in Creepy Dungeon, (Nameless)