All Sounds of Vain Dream (1992)

Even though this entire album has that FM Towns midi-feel to it, it still effectively captures a lot of emotion. Most prevalent is a somewhat mysterious feel, nostalgic of old early 90s era games, that manages to capture a range of emotion and communicate the intended environment well. Especially strong are the cave and town tracks throughout the album, each which is full of personality. This is a skillfully done album with a lot of good tracks and I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen if you like old RPG music. 8.87/10. Props also to the uploader of this album, who gave a perfect length to all the tracks.

In my opinion,
Great: Throat kana town 2, Throat kana town 3, Climax, Old battlefield mark
Also Good:
Opening, Maotoneru, Cave 1, Cave 2, Calmness town 1, Cave 4, Cave 5, Throat kana town 1, Calmness town 2, Wilderness 2, Courage, Sacred mountain, Mysterious effect, Decisive Battle