Inuyasha Movie 2 OST - Kagami no naka no Mugenjo

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Album name: Inuyasha Movie 2 OST - Kagami no naka no Mugenjo
Number of Files: 37
Total Filesize: 102.36 MB
Date added: Nov 21st, 2006
Album type: Anime


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Song Name Download Size
Bukimi na tsuki Download 1.84 MB
Fukkatsu Download 6.28 MB
Futari no pendant Download 1.65 MB
Gekitou Download 2.10 MB
Goshin no pendant Download 1.17 MB
Hachiemon no hankou Download 2.63 MB
Henka suru Inuyasha Download 4.19 MB
Hokaidesu! Download 1.31 MB
Houjokun no gosenzosama Download 1.40 MB
Houjoukun toujou Download 1.60 MB
Inori, negai Download 4.97 MB
Inu Yasha vs Kaguya Download 4.69 MB
Inukareta Kagome Download 2.49 MB
Irobouzu-Miroku Download 1.24 MB
Kagami no naka no Kaguya Download 4.55 MB
Kagome kyuushutsu Download 1.80 MB
Kaguya no Shoutai Download 2.73 MB
Kaguya no youryoku Download 4.28 MB
Kyoudai no omoi Download 3.41 MB
Main title Download 5.92 MB
Meikyoushisui Download 3.79 MB
Miroku to Sango no saikai Download 1.36 MB
Mugenjou Download 1.60 MB
Nerawareru tsubame no koyasugai Download 2.56 MB
Oogumo~naraku~ Download 3.61 MB
Orochi vs Inu Yasha Download 3.97 MB
Ryushu no tama Download 1.34 MB
Satoru Kikyou Download 1.24 MB
Shoujo to Kikyou Download 2.57 MB
Tatakai no ato Download 2.17 MB
Tenkuu no hime Kaguya Download 2.23 MB
Tennyodensetsu Download 4.91 MB
Tokareta fuuin Download 3.87 MB
Two shot Download 2.20 MB
Ubawareta koromo Download 2.09 MB
Yoake Download 989.87 KB
Yuushoku Download 1.46 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

i really like inuyasha and the music, i remeber when i was little and i played the game, it was relly funny cos i'd get scared when the scary music came up, and i got my brother to play until the scary music stopped, and every time the happy music came on, i'd be so happy and yeah :) luv it :)

Submitted by utibucoubotly
Rating: 5/10

I don't really get it why some call her Preincess Serenity, Selenity. It just is odd to me. I'm really getting annoyed by some of these sites. I wish we could upload without 'contributing'.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

i really like inuyasha. i can't sleep if i didnt watch it. i also like the music and the songs of this animation. i love you inuyasha :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Man i love inuyasha and kagome's couple i wish that i could also find such true love as inuyasha and kagome (can some one please help me to watch inuyasha in english on animax);-)

Submitted by saadus
Rating: 10/10

I am this world's biggest Inuyasha fan. I can honestly say this. This music is some of the very few that can move my feelings.

Submitted by Ichigo Senpai
Rating: 8/10

Awesome music, i've always been a fan of the series since the manga.

Submitted by William Spencer
Rating: 10/10

There is a reason they call Kikyo the cursed priestess she can't rest, well they say she wonders this earth saying she was betrayed by Inuyasha.

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