Yakuza 3 B-Sides (PS3, PS4, Windows, Xbox One) (gamerip) (2009)

** Yakuza 3 B-Sides **
(Compiled by MiracleJohnsonVEVO)

- What's B-Sides?
It's a personal project I started with the goal of making "complementary"
albums to the official ones from the yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) series, with tracks
not present in them, be it tracks that were never released officially, or
tracks released in compilations that are relevant to the game, official
remixes, in-game versions of tracks that are different from the official
version, or unused/unidentified tracks. It's a project motivated by the huge
amount of high quality tracks present in the games that were left apart from
the OST releases.

- About Yakuza 3 B-Sides
This album is the B-Sides corresponding to Yakuza 3, with tracks not present in
"Ryu ga Gotoku 3 Original Soundtrack".
This album consists on licensed songs by Eikichi Yazawa, music from substories,
locations and minigames, in-game versions, unused tracks and extras.
This game is the first one in the mainline series released for PS3, and this
changed how the games were developed. Among other things, the music from the
main story cutscenes isn't stored separately, and it's instead "baked" with the
dialogue and sound effects in a single audio file per cutscene, which sadly
means I wasn't able to get clean music rips of them.
The tracks titled "M Store [Canal Grande]" and "Poppo" required some editing
since they had a loud background supermarket noise I was able to reduce with
advanced audio techniques. The noise is still a bit audible but the music
sounds a lot cleaner.
Some track titles will have the suffix "[ver. 3]" to avoid ambiguity or
confusion with tracks of other games.

I hope you enjoy this soundtrack as much as I did compiling it.