Wolf's Rain OST 2 (2004)

This saound is one of hope, courage, faith and sounds of over powering the rage that is always falling apart. If you ever try playing some of these songs with the moon it will be a harmoney of such pacificnuss that you will not forget!
It's the most beautiful soundtrack I have ever heard.
It makes me feel true harmony and the warmth of the moon's light deep within my heart. It is heartwarming, and it makes you think and desire to reach eternal paradise,the only place where freedom breathes in you...Thank you God for Wolf's rain and the songs born from it...
Our rain is just the tear of a dying wolf...
The beauty of this music is overwhelming.
The pure raw emotion put into it has a sense of just perfection all around. Yet its sad couse it makes u want to reach that same paradise. All i want is to exist...
Anything produced by yoko kanno is never less than marvelous, but the soundtracks of Wolf's Rain is a whole new musical experience for you. Very view music can convey such complex emotions very vividly.

I guess the wolves arent bad, they're just fulfilling their god given purpose in this life,

what about you?
I heard the song Rakuen, it's soo beautiful.
It makes me feel like flashing backwards through your whole life, right back to your childhood . I guess that's how heaven feels.
It's just one of the best OSTs of the world! The anime is awesome and the music has perfectly blended joy, sorrow, pain, and everything else to give a beautiful and indescribable touch to the anime. It's a wonderful gift to hear music so soothing and touching as this.
Yoko Kanno does it again, I've listened to much of her anime and game related work. I recognize her compositions for their brilliance and sometimes complexity, as well as their adaptability-- but few soundtracks reached into me quite as deep as the one for Wolf's Rain. The placement of many of the tracks within the anime was spot on, but listening to them solo is soul-touching. You'll feel like dancing, smiling, and crying as you progress through the different tracks. Highly recommended for the beautiful raw emotion in it!
Yoko Kanno is really amazing aritst, I love all her songs but sound tracks from Wolf's Rain is the best music I ever heard! The pure emotions are overflowing from each tone, just perfect!
Amazing soundtrack.The best I've ever heard.The melodies are stuck in my head and everything about this soundtrack just warms your soul.
Love the Second Wolf's Rain Album but Disappointed that the first Album is not on here since I love the ending song