Vampire Sound Box (Darkstalkers)

Guest Reviewer

Thank you! Ever since Galbadia Hotel wouldn't let me download song anymore, I thought I could find the Darkstalker 3 soundtrack again!


Darkstalkers has, hands down, my favorite soundtrack of any series overall, and I'm super happy the vampire sound box is here since a physical copy is like $150 USD right now lmao. Takayuki Iwai, Masato Kouda, Satoshi Ise, Hideki Okugawa and Tetsuya Shibata are all masters of their craft and did an amazing job at creating the unforgettable atmosphere of Darkstalkers! My favorite tracks are all of Demitri's themes, Jedah's theme, Morrigan's theme, both of Donovan's themes, and Pyron's OG theme