Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! (PS1, Dreamcast, Windows) (gamerip) (1999)

Guest Reviewer

To this day, the soundtrack is one of the greatest parts of the game. I occasionally would stop playing the game just hear the masterly crafted soundtrack. The music got me hooked to the game, and made the experience amazing!!!

My personal favorite track is Andy's House, because in PS1, PC, and Dreamcast, its the first levels theme, and it made me feel like I'm about to begin a journey through the world this game has to offer.

The N64 version (the one I own) has Andy's House music in the end credits. But the music can be seen differently in this version. It gave me the feeling of accomplishment. That I beat the game. So basically, the theme can be heard in two different ways.

That was just one example of how awesome this soundtrack is. I highly recommend hearing the entire soundtrack. Loved it when I was a kid.

Today, its nostalgic, but still feels new at the same time.

Thank you for submitting this soundtrack.


There are different versions/alterations with the soundtrack between console versions. Apparently Andy's house has a different song on Dreamcast, PC, and PlayStation.

This game is my childhood, so many fond memories made with the music and graphics. Finding this game after so many years fills my heart with pure glee.