The Tower of Druaga (Original Soundtrack) [Game Sound Effect]

Amazing! It sounds just like the arcade game! Perfectly recorded (or whatever)! Congrats on uploading this.

Also, have you played Namco Meusem Arcade PAC? The Tower of Druaga is on there. I forget the floor I was on... OH WHATEVER! Who needs to save Gil anyways when you can save the Princess Peach from Bowser? I wish Namco and Nintendo made The Tower Of Bowser. In place of Gilga, would be Mario... Bowser would replace Druaga, Mario enemies would replace those... Oh, ok. I typed too much.

Anyways, great quality audio. Sounds like the arcade version. Keep up the great work!

Finding the soundtrack to this game was extremely difficult, thank you for this.

The in-game theme isn’t the same without the footstep sounds