Tales Of The Abyss OP (2005)

Finally found this; thanks for the upload :D
Also 01.mp3 and 03.mp3 dont work for some reason; they dont have any sound. 02.mp3 works just find and im very greatful for the upload :3
All of them worked for me. 02 is Karma the opening of the game with the original Japanese vocals. Although it may say it's 10:29 it's not. It's only around 3:19.
tracks 1 and 2 worked for me but 3 didn't dont know why.

anyways, I LOVE track 2 it's totally awesome. 1 is pretty good as well.
#1 and 2 worked perfectly, where #3 was problematic. Track #2 was Karma, the opening song of Tales of the Abyss with the original Japanese lyrics. Track #3 DOES work, but it has around 10 minutes worth of silence before the music even starts. Track #3 sound like a traditional Chinese theme, but sung with Japanese vocals.