Super Mario World Arranged Original Soundtrack


this album is AWESOME! whether you're a lover of jazz, a true MARIO BROS fan, or both (that's me)! This album was perfect, very musical and beautiful, yet totally mario-tastic!


A big problem is that the songs are too big (5min) 3 and a half minutes would be better and most of the songs like GoGo Raccon Mario, Super Mario Bros. don't supposed to be here since this is a SMWorld soundtrack, right? Mario Stay Alert is wonderful but the album overall could be a lot better.

Guest Reviewer

Wow... This is amazing... Bring childhood memories. Thanks for you who share this. Is not the original in game sound, its even better. They should make something like this on donkey kong country.


It's a good album memorable songs from Super Mario World. Personally I feel like demario franchise fits into multiple different styles of music, and jazz is one of the best genres the series could ever fit in. Great work, Koji Kondo, on the original soundtrack!