Super Mario Galaxy


Every thing that could have been added that would improve a song was added. "Hell Prominence" is especially spectacular with change in instruments and mood to tell a heroic battle. "Egg Planet" sets the a high standard for an album that really delivers, and "Wind Garden" is truly fantastic!


I honestly love this game, so I was very happy when I was notified that khinsider held it. Immediately I downloaded it, and it brings back so many memories. Thank you so much for having this available.

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This game has the most beautiful soundtrack I've ever heard, and having all of it played by an actual orchestra makes it even more amazing! Awesome job, Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota!

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Gosh, it brings so much memories. It's amazing how the tracks are all different but manage to fit the setting perfectly. It is what makes this truly nostalgic and a game hard to forget.
Such a beautiful OST, I was seven when I played this game which was the very first one I palyed on the Wii, and I fucking loved it.
Today, it's still one of my favorite games, and the OST is really really gorgeous : it's filled with themes that will carry you in another world.
It's probably the best Wii game ever made, and I'mm feeling nostalgic every time I listen to the Overture theme :')