Sonic Mania Remixed (2017)


Okay seriously. WHY are SO many remixers out there so UTTERLY OBSESSED with Dubstep? I don't get it. I really truthfully honest-to-god do not get it. It's as if Ben Briggs & AshZone are the ONLY two people on this ENTIRE album that DIDN'T butcher the game's soundtrack with dubcrap. (Props to them by the way! Ben Briggs at the very least always makes some really good stuff.)


i like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the original arcade video game music album soundtrack of: sega's sonic the hedgehog mania (arcade video game music album soundtrack).


All the remixes are very well done and it's good to listen to them, except for the final boss of titanic monarch, I didn't feel very off, a shame I didn't like it