Sonic & Knuckles - Sonic the Hedgehog 3


This isn't a Original Soundtrack, I hope they change the Album title. But the remix is good, I want to give 8 on this Album.
Just so you guys know, this is an OFFICIAL album by SEGA. They just decided to re-sequence everything for unknown reason.

I give this a 7. The music is good but it seems to be MIDI and some of the original versions are better IMO.


OK I am going to expalain something for people.. this version of Sonic three as well as its Knuckles counterpart were part of a Windows Sonic and knuckles mega collection. Due to music problems back then thanks to Mr. Jackson... SEGA created an entirely new ost for the game in midi format.
This is the ost for the Windows PC version of the game, not the sega genesis/megadrive game.