Rockman Zero Idea (Remastered Tracks) (Rockman Zero 2)

Guest Reviewer

I believe that Zero 2 definitely has the worst track of the series. The Idea remixes aren't too great of an improvement either. Sand Triangle and Supreme Ruler are good examples of this failure. Wish Punished is pretty okay though.

Overall, 4/10. Not my favorite set of tunes.


Super solid OST, a few of these remastered tracks are underwhelming but I find that most are the definitive way to listen. I give it a big ol 8 outta 10. Extremely good.


Wow, imagine having sh*t taste like that first reviewer. "Sand Triangle and Supreme Ruler are good examples of this failure"?? Sand Triangle is probably my favorite track from this game other than Departure. But meh, everyone's entitled to their opinion I guess.


Have no idea what the fuck the first dude was talking about since Zero 2 has my favorite OST but I will admit that this album is a bit underwhelming for how good the originals are.


With all regards to the first guy, maybe before you call something a failure, detail HOW it fails. Otherwise, you just come off as a jerk.

Disregarding that, this soundtrack will never fail to remind me of when I first got into the series at large. It doesn’t have most of my favorite tracks, and IDEA can be a little underwhelming in spots(such is the norm with some arranges) but it’s a soft spot all the same.