Road Rash (Amiga)

Guest Reviewer

The title theme is great. A little too long if you ask me, but great nonetheless.
S ierra Nevada is alright, but the riff in the background sounds like its missing notes (and not on purpose).
Paci fic Coast has some groove potential, but the constant ringing can get pretty annoying after a while.
Redwood Forest is fan-freaking-ta stic. Righteous groove right there, just what you'd expect from good game music. It's simple but catchy and you can listen to it for like half an hour without getting bored. Freakin' awesome track.

Here' s where it gets weird: Palm Desert and Grass Valley seem to me to be just variants of the previous songs. Did the developers get bored, lazy, or is there actually some sort of story within an Amiga driving game? Anyway, this puts a huge damper on the rest of the album for me so I give it a 50%score for how many good songs there are out of the total album.