Ragnarok Battle Offline Original Sound Track - Adventurers I...

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I've been looking for these songs for almost half a decade(note: I'm 15, and I played this game when I was 10). Thank you so much for uploading this!


ive been dreaming in some time.. im wondering what song that across my mind, when i got it, it turn out the bgm in geffen "the ancient magical city" its very nice of you, thanks !


Oh, boy! Ever since my friend presented this game to me I was captivated by it. I played almost non stop. Playing with my Acolyte (favorite) and the Thief and then every job. I was in love with the combo system. I don't know, I hope you guys understand me.
As for the music, wow! It is beautiful. I rushed the game where there where 4 jobs left to finish the game with, but everytime I finished the game I couldn't skip that beautiful ending melody.


it has certain songs that are really catchy, the ones with lyrics are pretty good with good melody and harmony. My favourite one would be Sky Blue Melody, just awsome with its mixes of orchestral intstruments.


Man....their still missing the remaining 2 soundtracks from Ragnarok Battle Offline:

The Original Soundtrack & Chocolate★Night