Psychonauts (PS2, Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One) (2005)

Very helpful indeed! I've been looking for this OST everywhere, the whole soundtrack. Wow, just awesome, I'm grateful. ^_^
Loved the game, and not just for the gameplay! The game is quite awesome, and I hope there's always a sequel. Yes, this is a game that -deserves- a sequel.
I love this game and its music, but why does everyone only have the gamerip?
I've been looking for the official soundtrack for ages.. it has less tracks and the titles are also different.
Fantastic. It IS psychonauts, afterall. Even the music in this game is brilliant. @_@ I've heard that katamari has a good soundtrack, but It probably doesn't compare to this.
LOVE this soundtrack with all my heart, every melody fits perfectly, It sets the mood for the whole game, and each track is perfectly executed. Also the tie-in of songs from one to the next and little melodic riffs that are repeated throughout several different tracks. Brilliant.

Something that I don't think can be found is the extra soundtrack that contains all the Cutscene music, Which is incredible as well, worth any amount of money.
Does anyone know where I can find the music (Well, sounds.) from the asylum itself? You know, the whale speech that adds uniqueness to the twisted hospital. I want those wonderful sounds :33