Out Run (Sega Master System)


Classic game with great tunes, but does anyone know why this (along with *ALL* the other SMS tunes on this site) play about 20-30% faster than they did on my original Master System in the UK?

Very noticeable with Outrun as the SMS and Game Gear versions are playing back much quicker than all other versions.

Silly question, but are these recorded at the NTSC speeds of North America (where the Master System barely made a dent) as opposed to the PAL speeds of Europe (where the Master System was a massive success)?

I love this site (the awesome Amiga rips alone make it an absolute godsend), but I also love and have very fond memories of the Master System and all its very SMS'y tunes, so would it be possible to release these playing back at the original (PAL?) speeds the majority of users would remember them at please? Or maybe do separate PAL and NTSC versions seeing as the majority of tunes have already been done.

Many thanks!