NieR Automata Original Soundtrack

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Good god All mighty ,,,,, What a Legendary Soundtrack , I love Every tune of this well crafted artistic masterpiece ,, My ears are so happy and satisfied , Easily one of the best Music in Games history , I love this music so much ,,, Arigato Keichi Okabi san


What more could I say other than this soundtrack is A masterpiece. One of the greatest OSTs of 2017. My favorite tracks are as follows:"ALL" ????????
The music really goes well with the game so much it brings tears at moments to my eyes. I never played Nier Automata at launch... But once I finally got the game I vouldnt put it down. Listdnto thisOST, and you will underatand what I mean.


If you thought NieR's soundtrack was good, you'll be glad to know Keiichi Okabe and Emi Evans outdid their previous work with NieR Automata OST.
Perfectly Sublime.


La verdad uno de los mejores Sound Tracks hechos para un videojuego, no solo porque las notas por si solas tienen presencia sino que al estar jugando estas se te transmiten incluso lo que el personaje está sintiendo, esta viviviendo; y al escucharlas ahora en este recopilatorio, al menos a mí me hace recordar excelentes momentos del videojuego, uno de los mejores de la generación


What I expected was some cool hack n' slash game, with some views of 2B's ass...

What I got was one the best and most profound games of the generation. And the music lives up to it. This is one of the greatest soundtracks ever made, even on its own.


Where the heck is the field/battle theme? I love this ost and the people that uploaded it but I cant give it a 10 until the ost is complete. The battle theme wasn't even in the gamerip!


I knew I was in for some good stuff when I saw Okabe and MONACA were attached to this game when they announced it at E3 years back and they didn't let me down. A worthy successor to the original Nier and I can't wait for the Replicant remaster wince I heard they were doing more track there.