I listened to this soundtrack while playing Minecraft Alpha, and, oh my god, it was so grand. C418 deserves more credit than he receives.


relaxing,nostalgic,perfect,one of the best soundtrack of all time, really say that isnt just a blocky game


A perfect atmospheric, vibrant soundtrack to one of the most impressive games out there! I highly recommend anyone enjoying the music to listen to the rest of the discography of C418, he is phenomenal in the music he creates outside of MineCraft as well!
I completely agree with you. Playing minecraft with such soundtracks has become even more enjoyable. I like to play minecraft and have been playing for about 6 years. It is important for me that the servers I play on are of high quality. Once I watched a youtuber who left a link to the servers in the blog ggservers.com for minecraft. When my friends and me entered there, we were very happy. Ability to host your minecraft servers, friendly community and 24/7 technical support. These are the best servers I've ever played on. Come and enjoy the game)
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Dude Minecraft is a masterpiece, the soundtrack is amazing, so relaxing and nostalgic... i love it.


Why aren't the music discs on here? Is there a separate album for the discs or do you ever plan on uploading them? What about ambient sounds from the game?