MementoMori - Character Songs (JP) (Windows, Mobile, Android, iOS, Online) (gamerip) (2022)

Have been following this archive for a while. Just logging in to say my thanks for your work. I've always loved the music of this game and I appreciate what you do for fans like us.
Since I'm extracting the music anyway, why not share it? I really appreciate your comment, and hope you enjoy listening! ^.^
If you want to download all files at once or prefer a different format, download all files on Mediafire (zipped). Includes some of the official releases in lossless quality.

Downloads | Mediafire
Updated on November 30th, 2023

The game does not contain any lossless audio files; therefore, converting it to formats using lossless compression algorithms would only result in wasting storage space, and quality wouldn't get better by doing so!​