Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch Music


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Oh. What songs work?
I didn't download all of the songs (only 12 of them) but the only ones that are working for me are the Gutstank, the Wily Robo Iron Golem, and Sunstar tracks. I'm using foobar2000 to play my MP3 files.

edit: I was able to restore most of the tracks i had downloaded using Audacity by importing and exporting them again, though i wasn't able to save the Mars and Ballade's Hideout themes, as those don't even have any sound in their files for some reason. I'd still reccommend someone re-upload these tracks to not be corrupted upon download.
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Downloaded the whole album.
From my testing...

Works fine as is (no Audacity fix needed):
- Copy Bot Powered Up!
- It's Gutstank! ~ Vs Gutsman - Power Battle
- Metall Daddy
- Metall Daddy [No Int.]
- On the Scene!
- The Great Genius Dr Wily
- Gamma Cometh
- Vs. Genesis Unit Member
- Wily Robo Iron Golem
- Duo of Kings
- Terra
- Advent of the Stardroids
- Cossack Spaceship
- The Wily Star Appears!
- Sunstar
- Supernova ~ FULL
- For Everlasting Peace

Corrupted (beyond Audacity export "repair"; might be corrupted upon download):
- Theme of Bass
- Theme of Duo
- Trio Arrives
- EVIL ROBOT ~ Final Boss [V3]
- Vs. King Phase 2
- Mars
- Jupiter
- Pluto
- Neptune
- Ballade's Hideout ~ MMIV
- Thy World Consumed

Welcome to the biggest coin toss gamble ever made! Is it working? Is it recuperable? Is it gonna take a lot more to figure out? XD

An interesting thing I noticed when reconverting the EVIL ROBOT BERSERK track is that file info which didn't show up on the original downloaded file as is, were still inside the file itself (they showed up in Audacity before the export), and showed up normally in my folder when it became a regular MP3.
So someone likely just forcibly changed the file format from some other audio format to MP3, rather than doing a proper conversion. Idk where they got the originals (might be from the game itself, which uses OGG; although idk since some of these loop twice when all of the game's ingame files don't loop by themselves outside the game), so I couldn't say what file format they used to be, but Audacity seems to recognize most of them.
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