Luigi's Mansion (GC) (gamerip) (2001)

Awesome! I like it, its hard to rip games with lots of SFX I know how that must be. But there probably is a solution for that... A certain replay
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Really good indeed
Its just that in some tracks there are sounds or stuff that didnt made them perfect =P
Great! Excellent! The soundtrack is superb! However, the names of the 2 Luigi's Mansion soundtracks on the site need to be switched. Or should I say, NINTENDO SWITCHED! HA!!! im sorry
Very nice gamerip, I forgot about the little things they did in this game like how Luigi's humming gets more scared sounding as his health gets lower. I didn't realize how much music they put in this game, there seems to be a secret song at the end of the 11. Controls track that even throws in a little tune from the Mario paint title screen lol. I love this game and it's music : )
Ummm.. listen to song 11. Go to 2:50. It changes... Totaka's song??? It's really weird, I found it by listening then my finger accidentally pressed the progress bar... Weird, right? Anyway, the soundtrack is good aside from there being no main theme without Luigi humming. also I like the Beta/Early pieces. ( -_-)
Awesome rip! I think who worked on it got the previous feedback very well since it seems improved from what the comments were telling... Everything seems to be here, in high quality and without SFX effects! Thank you very much!

P.s. The other rip present in this catalogue (called Soundtracks) feels a bit weird and clearly worse than this one, I mean by A LOT of quality difference and numbers of OSTs.
I was looking for that theme that plays when you idle while speaking with the family ghosts of the house, I do not seem to hear it here? It sounds similar to some time in on the "talking to king boo" track