Kirby Star Allies Original Soundtrack


This soundtrack is absolutely massive. I think it's great that so many tracks made it in, even those that aren't KSA originals. I'm sure that some would say that it's a bit bloated, but getting so many great Kirby tracks in such high quality is totally worth it.
The originals definitely have their own style compared to the other modern Kirby games, and while it's not as distinct as Planet Robobot (obviously), the increased variety of instruments gives so many songs their own unique flair. It's a shame that there seems to be no main connecting theme like Sun, Sky, Dreamstalk or The Noble Haltmann, but that just opened up the door for remixes of more obscure Kirby songs like the Casting theme from KDL3, Yearning for Yellow (Vroom!), and even the theme of Kirby GCN. The highlights of the remixes are clearly Morpho Knight's themes and the Celebration Picture themes.
The original themes in general seem to be good at worst and amazing at best, although the stage themes often fail to be very memorable. It's clear that some of the OST's bests are original themes that include some elements of older themes, like the theme of Heroes in Another Dimension and Astral Birth Void's theme.
Returning themes are again, great, but they have introduced me to some other amazing Kirby OSTs, like Blowout Blast's shockingly amazing OST.
The whole package is great in every way, although some themes may need to have their titles corrected and edited.


The whole album is great. The songs, the nostalgia, the quality, it's all good. There's just one problem: The album art is terrible.

Don't get me wrong, it's good art cover, but every picture is so small and so goddamn blurry! When I add albums to my collection, I believe their appearance should be as presentable as the music quality. I may just be nitpicking, but it wouldn't hurt fix the resolution and size.

Other than that, this is another solid album to add to the Kirby franchise.


The soundtrack itself has a lot of good songs and any Kirby fan could easily find a song they like in this ost. Most of the soundtrack is very upbeat, but that's mostly every Kirby game. I have a complaint that half of this soundtrack is songs from other games which is kind of lazy, but it still sounds good. If they released a psychical cd of this, I would definitely buy it.

Red SRB2

Now,only thing we need now is Kirby and the Forgotten land OST and we have the full Kirby line-up.