Gargoyle's Quest (GB)

Guest Reviewer

The best soundtrack I've ever heard on the Game Boy or any 8-bit system, and one of my most cherished video game soundtracks on any system, period. Some of these tunes still find their way from the depths of my memory as I gleefully whistle them from time to time. There are excellent "metal" covers on YouTube ("Breager's Castle" most notably), which proves how good those compositions were. It's all the more amazing considering the limitations of the original Game Boy or the fact that the whole game -- equally wonderful by the way -- was contained in a 128KB cartridge. And it was released very early, in 1989, when the portable console was brand new. I remember the manuel boasted that this game had the best graphic and sound qualities on the GB, and not only was it true at the time, but it remained true until the end of the Game Boy era for the music part, while very few games were as polished graphically as the action levels on this one, especially the magnificent "Dark Tower".

Guest Reviewer

By the way the titles are a little messed up : "Breager's Castle" is n°8, "Rushifell's Castle" is either n°5 or n°7 (not sure for that one), n°11 is heard in every intermediary level, n°17 is a jingle of victory after a random battle, n°15 is the Game Over music.


Awesome music. Song titles and order are way off, though:

– #5 should be called “King Darkoan’s Castle” and move after Dark Tower.
– #7 is “Rushifell’s Castle”, not “Breager’s Castle”.
– #8 is “Breager’s Castle” and should be after “Rushifell’s Castle”.
– #11 should be called “Bridge”.
– #15 should be called “Game Over”.
– #17 should be called “Battle Victory”.

I propose an order that, while not perfect, still makes a million times more sense than the current one:

1. Intro
2. Village
3. Dimension Portal
4. Boss Battle
5. Battle Victory (currently #17 Gargoyle’s Quest)
6. Overworld
7. Battle
8. Game Over (currently #15 Gargoyle’s Quest)
9. Bridge (currently #11 Rushifell's castle)
10. Dark Tower
11. King Darkoan’s Castle (currently #5 Gargoyle’s Quest)
12. Desert Tunnel
13. Rushifell’s castle (currently #7 Breager’s Castle)
14. Breager’s Castle (currently #8 Gargoyle’s Quest)
15. Final Battle
16. Victory
17. Ending