Fire Emblem Three Houses (gamerip)


The music itself really, really good (personal favorites are Chasing Daybreak and Indomitable Will), but the naming for alot of these tracks are incorecct. The Thunder and Rain tracks are switched, King of Delusion should be named Indomitable Will, Indomitable Will is actually the final boss soundtrack for Church Route, and more. This album would have been really great if the tracks themselves were labeled properly.


I'm so glad this album is finally on here! I noticed quite a few things that needed to be corrected however.
1.The rain version of the music is always above the thunder version.
2.Track 75 is actually Scales of The Goddess, while 76 is Three Crowns, and 77 is Broken Routine.
3. Track 87 and 88 is actually titled Indomitable Will.
4. A star in the Morning Sky is missing from the track as far as I can see.


Excellent music! This is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, though it helps that the game was really good. Some of the tracks are unfortunately mislabeled, and this doesn't have the tracks added in the Cindered Shadows DLC (which sucks, because it has some real bangers).


byleth bring in smash made me hate this game, but I cannot hate a game that I have never played