F-Zero Maximum Velocity (GBA)


The music is great but i dont like that the engine is in with the songs, but still it's sounds pretty good considering the fact i never got a chance to play the game.

Guest Reviewer

Hey, great music, but this is a direct rip. There's a way to rip the music, and lose the engine noise. you've got to have a GSF soundtrack of the game, WinAMP, the "Highly Advanced" plugin ,and the out_lame plugin. Set output to the out_lame plugin and play the GSF files. Make sure to NOT have the repeat on. Hope this helps.


Lovely soundtrack. I love the fact that I can play this everywhere and anywhere at any time on any device I want since it's the motherfucking time of digitalization. Thanks for the rip.

The soundtrack on YouTube has no engine sound and this one does. I will take the advice of the 7/10-rating-guest to get it in even higher quality.