Emperor - Battle for Dune

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The Harkonnen tracks are absolutely stunning. Check out the track "Dark Alliance" for the epitome of what they represent. Rousing, crunchy, power-mad war music. Perfect for the game. Unfortunately the tracks composed for the other Houses (those not composed by Arkenstone) are a bit of a non-entity... one reason why the game was much more fun to play as the Harkonnen commander.

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Awesome underrated music.
Like most video-game music it has no vocals, instead the music is very creative and loaded with "feel".

What you have here is essentially mysic of three generas.
You have the Harkonnen music which is hateful and malicious, with lots of screaming guitars and a march like rythm.
You have the Atreides music which conveys righteousness and nesssecary war with a much kinder but still warlike tone... listen to some of it and i tink you'll understand.
Lastly you have the Ordos music, which is very techno-ish, with strange tunes and tempo.

On top of that are a few songs that are just plain moody but doesn't tie to a specific faction, i won't even try to explain 'cause my words wont do 'em justice.

Were i to pick a favourite song from this ablum it would be: Tribute to Evil, closely followed by Harkonnen Force.

If you're unsure whether you'll like it, download assembling the troops.mp3 it pretty mouch sums up all three factions in turn, starting with the Atreides, then going over to the thechno-ish Ordos, and lastly a milder variety of Harkonnen.

I also reccomend you look up other works by Frank Klepacki, Jarrid Mendelson and David Arkenstone
As they are all really great composers in general.

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I have mixed feelings about this soundtrack. AS the previous commenters mentioned, it is composed of three very different sections. The Ordos (techno) is mediocre. The Artreides (classical/bloc kbusterish) is decent. The Harkonnen section, composed by David Arkenstone, is possibly one of the best videogame soundtracks of all time. It is worth getting your hands on this just because of the Harkonnen tracks.