This is awesome!! Thanks for uploading. Einhander is one of the best shooters ever! I'm really surprised it didn't get franchised. Cripes they could probably just reprint the game as a "classic" and it would still fly (no pun intended) off the shelves.
I want a game download =( that game was the best, and the site put these comments here, i can tell -_-

there would be atleast one bad comment!
very nice and well done its been while every since i played this game..i love the Bloody-Battle also the BOSS as well ^^ thx for uploading man

I thank who ever uploaded this...I downloaded all of them!!!

I've played since i was like 6 or 7, I had it be4 but didn't play cuz i was playin with toys :p
There are two Einhander OST's uploaded. Which one is the best quality?

BTW, tnx for the upload! I have been searching EVERYWHERE for this soundtrack. I still play this game and it remains, in my opinion, Square's best game on the PS1.
God, you know how hard it is to find the soundtrack to this game?? It was a Japanese only release, so the only chance I had to listen to it was by playing the game. But Einhander is the shizz, it really deserves a re-release. Best damned side scrolling shooter EVER! Love the bosses, loved the weapons, loved the stratagy!
Nice. But can you include all of them in 1 zip file? would be much easier.

Just making crap up here so that my post is long enough. site says i cant post if my review isnt long enough blablbalbalba!
I want to say thanks for the upload, this site is great. Keep up the good work guys! Cheers! (-_^)b

Btw, will there be an Einhander 2? Thanks..
man i remember playing this game over and over on the demo disc it was on. Im my most humble opinion this game is on equal standing with Ikaruga 10/10
they should totaly make a movie based on this game it has a great plot to it already! the moon and earth at war! i wounder why no one has made some b rate from it yet its solid gold just wait to be made
MOST EPIC SOUNDTRACK EVER!!! Would give it 200/10 if I could.

Even though it's messed up like all Square Enix's storylines(sent on suicide mission then allies turn on you for "training purposes"), it's still the best sidescrolling shooter ever.

Square soft (Square Enix) HAS COMFIRMED they're remaking this game with better graphics.

As for Einhander 2, I'm afraid they won't ever make one.

A fan-made one was in progress but was cancelled.

E inhander is my most favorite Square game of all time, that and Parisite Eve. (should check out that soundtrack too, thats where they got the chorus for "Capital")