Crash Bandicoot 1 (PSX Gamerip)

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can anyone tell me how do i rip psx musics? I want to rip some games like team buddies. It doesn't seem that this site have thier songs.

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D o e s n ' t w o r k . D o n ' t t r y i t .
Unable to be played, file extension does not match the description.

I would have liked the soundtrack, but this is just a hoax.



I Love all of the Crash Bandicoot soundtracks.
M y computer on the other hand does not.
Huh, funny. But thank you for the music.
I Also Like other soundtracks on you site.
Again, Thank you for the Music.

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Bring me to my childhood memories. This gen lacks of game like this. Hope in next gen especially PS4 can back to the root like in PS and PS2 era.